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Itemise is committed to providing a systemised service to inspect and monitor assets, Test+Tag and cable management for appliances, furniture & fittings, equipment, machinery, plant and trade tools. We take pride in acquiring relevant and detailed asset information incorporating descriptions, model/serial/asset numbers, condition status and images.

Our clients are typically looking for a living record of company assets, not a one-off list that stays frozen in time. Customer relationship software provides documentation, reports, images and reminders to clients. The web-based portal accumulates records to monitor asset condition, location, safety status, maintenance alerts through and a wide range of custom parameters.

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Neil Barrett

A technology development professional with 19 years’ experience in business technology solutions, asset appraisal and monitoring, and data modelling; working with major organisations including Bishop Manufacturing Technology, BluGlass, CSIRO, GEC, Oxford Applied Research and Marconi Radar.

Drawing on experience in asset inspection and monitoring, I created Itemise – a practical asset management system.

I’ve built ongoing relationships with manufacturers, hotels, commercial workshops and tradies, and helped them find asset management solutions that suit the scale of their activities.

If you need a practical, tailored solution to asset inspection and monitoring, talk to me – I will take the time to listen!

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